So how are you doing with the pounds you gained at Christmas?

Oh…did you not gain weight during the holidays?

That is fabulous – please share how you did it! 

If you happened to gain a little weight, read on.

I intended to do well with keeping my weight steady over the holidays.  Yet I gained 5 pounds.  I have no one to blame but myself (and my love for dark chocolate – okay, any kind of chocolate.) 

With a steady stream of sweets available from Halloween to New Years, and moving to a new home, I gave into my taste buds and developed some bad habits. 

And now it’s time for reckoning!

Ramped up exercise routine at the gym.  Four times to the gym instead of three, if the schedule with the kids permit.

No eating after 7 p.m.

Focus on eating my vegetables, apples, and munching on seaweed (try Trader Joe’s, it’s a weird snack but good). 

Drinking coffee instead of eating cookies.   

Realizing that hunger is okay – in fact, a sign of progress! 

I was surprised to read this in my journal from January 2008:

During Christmas, I allowed myself to eat a little chocolate every day, desserts at every party, and to let myself have anything I wanted.  After all, I was at my goal weight.  Well it’s a month later and I’m 5 pounds up.  I can fit into some clothes but some are woefully tight.

Hmm…here I am in the same place four years later!

Two lessons here:

1.  The battles we face persist.

2.  There is hope.  I lost the extra weight four years ago and I can lose it again now.

Hope is the necessary ingredient to living healthy and losing weight.  Take heart friends – the Christmas pounds we gained will soon be a thing of the past!

Arlene Pellicane

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