Remember when your stomach did flips when your beloved walked into the room?

Remember when you changed outfits because nothing looked quite right for that special date?

Remember smelling his cologne in a store and being magically transported to la-la land?

February is a great month to set our sights on our husbands.  It’s too easy to allow our husbands to become like wallpaper in our lives.  Always there.  Not given much attention.

No more!  This month, let’s lavish love on our men. 

In my book 31 Days to a Happy Husband (August 2012), you’ll find 25 free or cheap date ideas provided by my friends Bob & Jana (four kids later, they’re still GREAT at dating!).  Here’s five ideas to get you started in your romance planning: 

1. Let’s take a spin to our old apartment and reminisce about our newlywed days.

2.  Scavenger Hunt:  We’ll each think of five random things to be found at the park or shopping center.  We have to take a picture of us with the item.

3.  Barnes and Noble Night.

4.  Let’s take a new hike in a new location. 

5.  Conversation questions by candlelight.

Block out two spots on your calendar:  one for your Valentine’s Day date and another one for a “just because I love you” date. 

By the way, these dates work if you’re single and dating too.  Just turn date #1 into a “dream about the future” date – driving to where you’d like to live one day.  That could begin an interesting conversation for sure!  

It doesn’t take a lot of money to make a special memory.  The specialness comes in when your beloved looks in your eyes and sees that you are all his forever.  No looking back, no regrets.

Arlene Pellicane

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