Okay, let’s be honest here.  When your child asks you to do something, you usually get to it as quickly as possible.  If my daughter says, “Mom, can you help me tie my laces?” I’m there in under a minute, bowing down at my daughter’s feet, tying away.

If my husband asks me to do something, my response time is considerably slower.  But I’m working on that.

Pictured above is James with the kids holding our afterschool Sonshine Bible Club flyers.  When James asked me to proof the flyer, I said, “Okay, I’ll get to that dear.”

Did I drop everything and grab the paper to read over?  Not really.

Am I saying that whenever your husband asks for something, you have to drop everything immediately to help him out?  Not really.

What I am saying is that our disposition towards our husbands during the day should be, “How can I help you dear?”  When we remember that it’s our God given honor to help our husbands, it changes the way we respond to them.

Instead of sighing when they ask you to pick up the dry cleaning, pay a bill, or cook a favorite dish, we say, “I’d be happy to!”

Our society talks about acts of random kindness – and there’s certainly nothing wrong with those.  But what about random acts of kindness for our husbands?  A cup of cold water brought up to his desk.  His favorite meal waiting for him at dinnertime.  A love note waiting for him in the drivers seat of the car.

What’s a small way you can show your husband you care today?


Arlene Pellicane

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