No, that is not me wearing this dumb t-shirt.  Why someone would advertise their muffin top to the world is beyond me!  Isn’t the point of the t-shirt to hide the muffin top in the first place?

Well, I have had a not-so-lovely muffin top since I found the Halloween candy, then the Christmas cookies, then the cookie dough in my freezer…do I need to go on?  Truth is, I started some terrible habits of snacking on sweets because I could get away with it.  Then after a while, I wasn’t getting away with it.  I was getting a-weigh with it!

Since January 1st, I’ve wanted to lose the extra 5 pounds but as of late February, the scale hadn’t budged.  Neither had my tight pants.  Eating “in moderation” may not be working.

It’s time to lose the muffin top.

One morning I stepped on the scale for a weekly weigh in and I snapped.  I had been maintaining for weeks, but now I was UP a pound!  I was mad.  Mad at the number on the scale.  Mad that my moderation was getting me nowhere.  Mad that my pants still didn’t fit.

“Good,” James said.  “Now that you’re mad, you’ll do something about it!”

Irritating when your husband is right about something like this!  I decided to do a low-carb plan which has worked for me in the past when I need some help pushing in the right direction.  Of course, on just the second day of my newly resolved plan, I served hot chocolate chip cookies topped by vanilla ice cream with caramel cups inside to my dinner guests.

I drank coffee.  Period.  I passed the first test!

You see, I found that there is always an event with dessert just around the corner.  If I was going to eat healthier and lose some weight, I had to start with a decision in advance to say “no thank you” when the dessert comes around.

That’s hard.  Especially when dessert is free.  And chocolate.

But guess what?  Something really snapped in me that day because in the last two weeks, I’ve been acting and feeling differently.  When I was alone in the house in the past, I’d sneak a handful of the kids cookies or chocolate.  Now when I’m alone, I stick with the eating plan and eat an apple.

So far, I have lost 3 pounds which I’m so happy about.  Can’t wait to tell you when I am at my goal weight, can wear all the pants in my closet, and am rid of this muffin top.

Sometimes you have to get mad before you get results!  To be sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Have you ever had a breakthrough in getting healthy because you got mad about something?

Arlene Pellicane

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