Wondering what to make this weekend?

Me too…

My favorite cooking instrument is outside – the grill!

Here’s my recipe for the easiest grilled chicken ever.  I served it to guests a few weeks ago and they asked me, “What did you marinade the chicken in?”

Trust me, I don’t have many people asking ME for my recipes :)  Here’s what you do:

Marinade boneless chicken breast or thighs in Yoshida’s Original Gourmet sauce.  Then sprinkle everything with Costco’s Kirkland Seasoning Salt.  I buy my Yoshida sauce and seasoning salt at Costco, but you can buy them in different places.

The Seasoning Salt is a blend of sea salt, onion, garlic, paprika, and spices so you can make your own too.

I like to marinade the chicken overnight.  When grilling use a high heat to sear the outside of the chicken and then when you flip the chicken over, bring the heat down to low to cook the chicken slowly to maintain tenderness.

Voila!  The yummiest, easiest grilled chicken recipe.  Serve a few samples right off the grill to your kids and they will be clamoring for more.

Happy grilling!

Arlene Pellicane

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