We celebrated some birthdays this month and chances are, you did too.

Whether it’s a family member, friend, or one of your child’s classmates – there is always a party to go to.  Which is a good thing…except for those ever present desserts.  Parties are not so great for weight loss.

It seems just when you’re doing really well with your eating plan, you get hit by two parties in a row and you’re back to square one again.

Here are a few ideas to help you break the dreaded equation of BIRTHDAY PARTY = OVEREATING.

Decide in advance whether or not you are going to have dessert.  If you decide in the moment, you will always decide to eat the cake.  Unless they are serving something you find disgusting (chances of that are slim to none).

If you decide to have the cake, make sure you only have one serving, preferably a small one.

If you decide not to have the cake, have something in your hands when you’re offered a piece.  A glass of water.  A cup of coffee.  Something that will help give you the strength to say “no thank you.”  It’s good to have something to sip on while everyone is eating so you don’t feel left out.

Don’t arrive at the birthday party famished.  It’s awfully hard to pass up free yummy food at that point.  Eat an apple or a few walnuts before arriving.  Eat slowly so you’re not tempted to keep piling on food to your plate.  Instead of focusing on the food, focus on talking to others, catching up with friends or meeting new ones.

Remember, it’s okay to say “no thank you” when the dessert plates come around.  But you have to have extra resolve because the host is usually going to ask again, “Are you sure?”

Gulp.  “Yes, I’m sure.”

Arlene Pellicane

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