The day before we began our Daniel fast, we filled two shopping carts full of veggies and fruits at Sprouts.  The bill was $60 – I’m interested to see how long it will last and will keep you posted.  So far, it’s pretty economical because we still have A LOT of produce in our kitchen!

Here’s what it looked like when we brought it home from the grocery store.  I can’t remember ever having so many veggies in the house:

Our first juice combination was something like cucumber, kale, broccoli, celery, and apple.  It was inspiring to see the kids drink it down!  Finally, I can tell their pediatrician that they DID get their 2 cups of vegetables!

A huge  upside of doing a Daniel fast is being more conscious to eat or drink vegetables.  Ethan loves using the juicer so he’s quite enthusiastic about our different concoctions and to my surprise, gulps it all down gladly.

Day 1:  I drank 3 cups of juice throughout the day, and snacked on almonds and figs.  To make something hot to eat, my friend told me to boil a taro root in water.  After an hour or two, it turns into something like porridge.  No one in my family liked it except me.  I put a few raisins in it.  It wasn’t that bad and allowed me to feel like I was eating a “hot meal”!

Day 2: More juice for breakfast then lentil soup for lunch and dinner.  Still snacking on nuts and figs.  James comments that we are juicing too many fruits and need to make the juices more veggie based.

The kids are eating pretty normal except they are having some power juice with one or two meals a day.  And they ate the lentil soup with us for lunch – something we haven’t done before.  It was received…decently.  They didn’t cry out for more but they ate it.  In the evening, the kids got to eat broccoli and avocado and mac & cheese (which they were ecstatic to see).

Day 3: And here I am in the middle of Day 3.  I think I’m eating too many figs and need to slow down on munching on God’s candy all day.  This morning I made this mean green mix of kale, celery, squash, carrot and orange.

To my surprise, look at how much (or how little) juice it made:

The good news is that it tastes a lot better than it looks!

Arlene Pellicane

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