Wahoo!  It’s wonderful to be on Day 9 of eating only veggies, fruits, nuts and beans.  We’ve drank a lot of green this past week.

After the fast is over, will my family continue juicing?

James thinks juicing is overrated and a whole lot of effort.  Why not just eat the fruit and vegetables?  Sure you can juice up a whole more than you can actually eat, but how much fiber do we lose in the pulp you don’t drink?  (not sure of the answer there).  So we may be sticking with smoothies for our day to day life – less clean up and you can still stick broccoli into a strawberry smoothie and it tastes just fine.

You can tell your kids that the green specks are confetti.

The other thing I made yesterday was taro porridge.  I bought taro that was peeled and ready to cook from the Filipino supermarket.  I’m sure any Asian market will have taro.  Then I just boiled it in water for about 3 hours.  Stir occasionally.  It will start to break up and then look like a porridge.

If you want it to taste better, you put some brown sugar in, but for my purposes, I added raisins.  The bites with the raisins taste good, and the other bites…well, I am on a fast!  It’s nice for something hot and really simple to make.

I am looking forward to the fast ending on Tuesday.  James and I will have to hold back from gorging ourselves on food that day!

Things I want to eat:  eggs and toast and coffee and crackers and…

Ahhh, it’s just a day away!

Arlene Pellicane

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