When we decided to juice more veggies and fruits, we considered buying a juicer.  Our garage sale treasure from 13 years ago – the Champion juicer with the killer engine – was inconvenient to use.  It has a small spout so you have to cut all your fruits and veggies before putting it in.  Not convenient.

The answer?  Go to Costco of course.

James came home with the Jack La Lanne juicer.  We are definitely not juicer experts (after 3 days) but we have enjoyed this juicer.  You can fit the whole apple in the chute and press it down.  No cutting and everything works really well.  Of course it is time consuming to wash all the parts so I have been doing all my juicing at the same time, making a lot of juice to last all day.  So once a day I have to clean all these parts:

Not too bad.  The Jack La Lanne juicer is easy to use and comes with a scrub brush.  You definitely want to clean it right away or else you will have the nightmare of caked on fruits and veggies to clean.

PROS:  The big spout.  So easy to put in the fruits and vegetables for juicing.

CONS:  A few times, the juicer has jammed.  You’ll put in a fruit and nothing will come out.  Before you know it, the juicer is leaking from the bottom.  What happens is the spout gets clogged by pulp and it stops the flow of juice.  The solution is frustrating and time consuming – pull it apart to unclog it and then continue.

Well – I also want to let you know what we did the night BEFORE we started the Daniel fast:

Yup, we’re human and not veggie eating robots naturally!

Arlene Pellicane

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