Last week, I heard a timely message on Turning Point radio with Dr. David Jeremiah.  His message was titled “The Open Door” and he talked about how in his earlier years, his type A personality would want to push open doors.  Now he looks back and sees that it was prayer that opened and closed the important doors in his life.

If he would have gotten his early wish for a big church building, he may have never launched a radio program called Turning Point which now is heard on more than 1800 stations around the world!

This principle of praying and believing that God will open and close doors has been a great encouragement to me.  As a speaker and author, I’m never quite sure when the next speaking engagement invitation or book contract will come.

But I have not been disappointed!  I’m always so touched at how God divinely orchestrates each speaking event and book in my life.  This past weekend, I spoke to the most wonderful group of military wives at Shadow Mountain Community Church, and then at an outreach tea with WROTE Ministries at the beautiful Grand Tradition in Fallbrook.

Both events were meaningful and impactful to me.  Both events reminded me that it is God who opens the doors to do the work.  It’s so exciting to follow God through the doors.  And it brings so much peace not to force them open.

Arlene Pellicane

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