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Our 10 day Daniel fast has come to an end.  Eating was fun today and so was drinking a cup of coffee!

My son Ethan was so conscious during our fast saying things like “Mom, you can’t eat that pasta.”

So when I told him last night, “We’re having daddy’s special french toast for breakfast tomorrow,” he said, “Aren’t you guys still fasting?”

Our 10 days are done of eating fruits, veggies, nuts and beans!  A whole new world has opened up!

The good thing is I didn’t go too crazy today and actually craved eating a vegetable in the afternoon.  I chose celery with PEANUT BUTTER which I missed very much.  I suppose that is a nut…

I stopped at my parents’ house for lunch and they served me delicious salmon and stir fry.  Loved my afternoon cup of coffee and pita bread and hummus.  Ate ravioli, broccoli, and the last bit of my taro porridge (added brown sugar this time, boy that helped!).

God is good.  Life is yummy.

Arlene Pellicane

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