I’ve discovered a new class at my 24-Hour Fitness:  Boot Camp.

Goodbye boring workout.  Hello soreness, sweating, and sleep deprivation.

I was invited to the class by a couple probably in their 60s that I met in the gym.  I think that’s a pretty cool way to get invited to boot camp.  Talk about persuasive!

The class is at 6:00 am which means I have to wake up at 5:25 am.  I don’t get up before the sun rises.  It is honestly painful to me to uncurl myself and stumble into the bathroom.  I rationalize with myself for a good five minutes every time the alarm clock rings.

I could go next time.  I could go to the gym later and just workout myself.  I can do a DVD with the kids this evening.

But every time I have peeled myself out of bed and went, I have loved it.

I love the camaraderie of the 10-20 people who show up.  I’ve learned more names in 2 weeks at the gym in this class than I have in one year of going to workout on my own.  The trainer gets more out of me than I would ever be able to crank out at 6:00 am if I was by myself.

She starts with “quick feet” which means you step on and off a block as fast as you can for 30 seconds.  Then she leads us through different drills.  The hour flies by.

Is there something new in your gym that you can try to give yourself a new challenge?

Maybe you exercise at home.  Get a timer and set it for 30 seconds.  Pick four activities like:

  1. Running in place with high knees
  2. Push ups
  3. Sit ups
  4. Bicep curls with a weight

Do the activities in order with 30 seconds for each.  Take a brief rest in between.  When you finish the four activities, take a water break and then start again.

Keep stringing more activities together, creating more circuits, and you’ve got your own home boot camp in the making.  Crank up the tunes and have fun!

Arlene Pellicane

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