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This shoe, as innocent as it looks, has been giving me the fits.

As you can see, there is only one shoe.

I bought these adorable sandals for Lucy at my favorite consignment sale Trunk Treasures.  These pink babies are going to get my growing girl through the summer.  Great for dresses or shorts, she was set.

But not anymore.

I can’t find the other shoe.

I’ve looked in the closets, under the beds, under the couches, in the suitcases the girls play with.  Nothing.  No shoe.

This shoe was found in Lucy’s room so I figure that the match has to be close by.  It’s been about 2 frustrating weeks looking for that crazy sandal.

Yup, I’ll probably find it in a toy box at Christmastime.

Have you ever felt disorganized?  Have you said lately, “Where is that thing???”

What is the worst thing you have ever lost or misplaced?

I have three great books to recommend by three author friends that will help you find “the sandals” in your life:


Arlene Pellicane

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