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In San Diego where I live, FamilyLife Today and Focus on the Family air back to back on the radio between noon and 1 pm each weekday.  On the last podcast, I talked with Bob Lepine from the radio program FamilyLife Today.  Now to complete the “radio set,” I have John Fuller from Focus on the Family!

John Fuller has been a constant on the airwaves of Focus on the Family for many years.  He has sat in the radio studio with the marriage and parenting experts of our day.  How fun to turn the tables and talk with him!  He and his wife Dena have been married since 1984.  They have six children so they understand what it means to have a busy family life.  Their sixth child Zane is adopted and in the podcast, you’ll hear about his diagnosis of autism and the strain (and strength) that has brought to their home.

This is a heartwarming conversation that will get you thinking of how you can pray for your husband more consistently and depend on God’s power more and more in your marriage.

Arlene Pellicane

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