Ready – set – go to your bookstore and look for 31 Days to a Happy Husband!  It’s officially out today!

We’ve been talking about the D in DREAM – Domestic Tranquility: You husband needs a peaceful haven.

Radio talk show host Dennis Prager recently did a male/female hour about how no one wants to be a wife nowadays.  In the media, women are referred to as career women or moms, but they are never referred to as wives, as if that would be derogatory or obsolete.  Where are the proud wives?

In Day 3 of 31 Days to a Happy Husband, I talk about going to the Spanish supermarket as a field trip for my kids who are learning Spanish.  We walked up to the meat counter and looked for the machine.  It read, “Take a number.”

I wonder if your husband ever feels that way.

Forget having sex.  The kids are up with a runny nose.

Take a number. 

Can we reschedule our breakfast date?  Mary called me for coffee and you know she’s going through such a hard time.

Take a number. 

The women’s ministry team needs me to create centerpieces for the luncheon so I just don’t have time.

Take a number. 

Goodbye Big Man on Campus.  Hello Low Man on the Totem Pole.

If we’re not careful, our husbands can be relegated to the last person on the to-do list when they ought to be the first.  (Or at least in the top three!).

We as moms can be guilty of dropping everything because our toddler screams, “I want MILK!!!” or because our teen needs us to chaffeur them around town.  But when our husband says something like, “Can we get to bed a little early tonight?” we come unglued.  There’s no time for intimacy, but there seems to be a whole lot of time for other things in our lives that aren’t as important.

It’s time to value our role as wife.  To actually make an effort to think, “How can I bless my husband today?  How can I make him feel important?”

It might be cooking (or buying) his favorite meal.  Leaving a love note in the driver’s seat.  Giving him a five minute massage at the end of the day.  Looking him in the eye and saying, “Man, I sure do love you!”

You don’t have to spend forty hours a week doting on your husband in order to be a good wife.  But you’ve got to do something.  Be a proud wife.  You’re there to serve and protect your man.  It’s a job that only you can do!

Do you think your husband ever feels like chopped liver compared to everything else going on in your life?  What’s something you can do to make him feel important this week?



Arlene Pellicane

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