Part of having a DREAM marriage is the “R” in DREAM which is Respect. 

A man needs to be respected in his own home.

I mentioned actor Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Soul Surfer) in my last post.  He talked with me about the Hollywood portrayal of the average middle aged man.

Men want to be reasserted that they’re the man of the family.  Hollywood does such a great job of demasculinizing men.  If you look at any sitcom, that guy’s an idiot.  He’s a moron.  His kids are all rolling their eyes.  They’ve done that for decades.  Kids grow up watching that and they think fathers are idiots.  It’s the mom that can do anything and she’s a babe on top of it.  They do that a lot in shows.  It’s ridiculous.   You look before with Father Knows Best or My Three Sons, the dad had smart things to say to his kids.  He was a moral man who led by good example.  For some reason it’s become funny to make the dad fat and stupid.

Does that ring true to you?

Men used to be respected and held in high esteem in television and movies (think John Wayne, Charles Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie).

Those days of the strong, faithful, caring, would-do-anything-for-his-family portrayals of manhood are just about over in the media.

You can’t do much about what Hollywood decides to promote, but guess what?  You hold incredible power to set the tone in your own home.

Wives, we have the power to turn the stereotype around in our homes, making our husbands feel more like Hercules and less like Homer Simpson.

How do you set your man up to be the hero?

Arlene Pellicane

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