This month, we have been talking about having that DREAM marriage and going through the five keys in my book 31 Days to a Happy Husband.

This week, we finish up with the M in DREAM which is Mutual Activities.  Your husband needs you to have fun with him!  (And you would certainly like that too!)

Date nights are certainly less expensive than counseling, so why not make a commitment to date your mate once again?

Whether you arrange a candlelight meal at home or go out on the town…

Whether you do it monthly or weekly…

Whether you spend money or don’t spend a dime…

The point is you have to plan to have fun together! 

James works as a realtor with flexible hours and I’m a stay home mom/author/speaker.  We usually have breakfast and dinner together every day.  We run into each other throughout the day if we’re both working from home.  On many days, we don’t have to ask “Honey, how was your day?” because we already know the answer.

As a result, we stopped going on dates.  Not intentionally.  It just happened.

And yes, while writing my book, we realized we’ve got to bring back the date night!

So we’ve been putting it in the calendar – once a month – to go out together.  Earlier this month we went to the Mastermind Summit, one of our favorite conferences to attend together.  The picture is from our picnic lunch downtown – just the two of us with a great view from the convention center!  We’re showing off our PBJ’s because one of the conference’s sessions was called “Lessons from the South Side” about how to save money.  We were having our homemade lunch from the South Side!

When did you and your husband go on your last date?

Arlene Pellicane

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