The A in DREAM stands for Attraction.  And although my book is titled 31 Days to a Happy Husband, we as wives know this saying is true too:  Happy wife, happy life!

When a wife is happy or unhappy, everyone in the household knows.  James says if he had to boil down my book into one principle, he said a husband wants an attractive spouse who is smiling from ear to ear.

Scott Palmer of The Money Couple echoes James’ sentiment:

I want to know that my wife is happy.  If she’s whining, or miserable, or tired, that’s a huge buzzkill.  I think that’s why many people have unhappy marriages because the wife is unhappy.  The “I love you’s” and support are important, but I just need to hear my wife say “Hey I’m having a great time.”  Bethany tells me all the time, “I love our life together.”  That’s all I need.  I just need to know that she’s happy.

This is sounding pretty good right?  If your husband wants a happy wife, isn’t that what you want too?  You want to be happy but why is it so difficult sometimes?

I was in a department store with my daughter Noelle who was 18 months old at the time.  She was giggling and happy.  The tired looking saleslady bent down and told Noelle, “Yeah, that’s because you’re riding around in a stroller.  Just wait until you have a job and have to work all day.  We’ll see if you’re smiling then!”

I think if I pushed that lady around in a stroller all day, she still would have found something else to complain about.  Happiness isn’t so much about circumstances.  It’s about something far deeper.

You choose to be happy.  If you believe in Jesus, you can have God’s joy living inside of you, bubbling over.  Be joyful always for many reasons.  One important reason is that your husband needs to see your smile.

Those pearly whites are very attractive to him!

Do you need to smile more often?

Arlene Pellicane

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