There are certainly differences when two people come together in marriage, aren’t there?

My 2 year old Lucy exclaimed today, “The blanket is the wrong way!”

She was referring to the comforter on my bed.  It’s reversible and usually the pretty, shiny side is showing.  Today the plain side is showing.

And it just doesn’t look right to her!

When two people come together in marriage, one might be used to the shiny blanket.  The other is used to the plain.

Both partners exclaim, “The blanket is the wrong way!”

Who’s right?  Who’s wrong?  Nobody!  It’s just the melding of two different styles and perspectives into one household.

I recently listened to my friend, author Kendra Smiley give a marriage seminar.  She talked about those pesky differences.  One spouse was used to having unwrapped Christmas presents.  The other spouse of course was used to wrapped Christmas gifts.  What’s a couple to do?

First of all realize that both partners come with certain traditions in place, but that doesn’t make the tradition a hard and fast law.  Talk about what the new normal will be in your home.

Christmas wrapping paper?  Decorative bags?  Plastic sacks?  Nothing?

I know, this is where it gets interesting!  But as you battle it out, remember that creating a new normal and working through your differences will actually create something very beautiful.  Something that’s completely yours.

A blanket that sometimes can have the shiny side up.  And sometimes the plain side showing.


Arlene Pellicane

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