One of the first movies I saw with James when we were just friends was Princess Bride.  We watched the movie with 20 other graduate students at someone’s house.  The movie is a classic love story between the beautiful Buttercup and her beloved Westley who she believes was killed.  But Westley is not dead, he has in fact returned as the Dread Pirate Roberts to rescue Buttercup from marrying Prince Humperdinck.

At one especially romantic point in the movie, I looked over at James.  We were friends.  That’s was it.  No declaration of true love – nothing close!

But I saw in him my Westley, my true love.

Thank God I was right!  James and I eventually found true love, and so did you if you are married.  Is he still your knight in shining armor?  Is your love for him still the stuff epic movies are made of?

There’s not a dragon in your story, but maybe there’s a mortgage.

No arch enemy, but maybe you’ve got a band of wild kids.

Remember you are living out an epic tale of love and redemption.

Most days we don’t recognize the epic.  Life is too routine for that.  But if you take a step back, enjoying love for a lifetime with your spouse is an epic achievement.  Passing on a legacy of love and faithfulness to the next generation is a big deal.

So maybe this week, you can watch The Princess Bride and remember the power of true love (and good comedy).  Be grateful and appreciate your husband’s faithfulness and love for you.

And by the way, if you’re still waiting for your Westley, take heart.  God hasn’t forgotten about your story.

Arlene Pellicane

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