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Faithlife Women Conference in Dallas this past weekend was an excellent time to refresh, pause, and thank God for so many blessings.  Here were a few highlights, not in any particular order:

Blessing #1:  A hotel room all by myself (no sibling rivalry or “mommy mommy mommies”)

Blessing #2:  Amazing speakers who are such a pleasure to get to know better…Kendra Smiley, Carol Kent, Hayley DiMarco, Gwen Smith, Leslie Vernick, Kasey Van Norman, Angela Thomas…

Blessing #3:  Seeing Irving Bible Church firsthand – a perfect place to worship, talk over coffee, or slide down these tubes if you’re a kid!

Blessing #4:  Hearing God’s Word and being encouraged to yield to the Holy Spirit’s leading

Blessing #5:  Shopping myself for good reads (I picked up Hayley DiMarco’s new book The Fruitful Wife)

Blessing #6:  Sharing about taking care of our bodies for God’s glory – got to share two workshops at the conference

Blessing #7:  Soul stirring worship led by Gwen Smith

Blessing #8:  Interacting with the wonderful women who attended

Blessing #9:  GOING HOME to my precious family!


With Carol Kent

With Angela Thomas

With Liz Curtis Higgs and Kendra Smiley
Arlene Pellicane

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