When you write a book titled 31 Days to a Happy Husband, it’s pretty common for people to ask James, “So are you really happy?”

Or to ask me, “Does the book really work?”

With that in mind, I had to smile from ear to ear when I found this kitchen at the end of a long day:

Look at my kitchen.  It’s immaculate!  Nothing in the sink.  Cleared off countertops.  Domestic tranquility at its best.

And my husband James did it all!

I spent the whole day out with the kids at Legoland.  Fun but tiring.  James texted me during the day.  “Let me know when you are coming home so I can get dinner ready.”

I walked into a scrumptious smelling house (it was fried chicken, sorry it was delicious).  After the meal I said, “I’ll do clean up.  You did the cooking.”

He said, “You go upstairs and get caught up on your emails.  I’ll clean the kitchen.”

So there you have it – ultimate proof that my book works both for a happy husband AND a happy wife!  I had to pinch myself when I thought about my dinner burden lifted and my super clean kitchen.

I have found that if I concentrate on giving my husband affection and considering his needs, he does the same for me.

And if you ask my dear husband if he is happy, I am so glad that he will smile and say yes.

Long live the honeymoon!


Arlene Pellicane

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