Did you know my book isn’t the only great book out there to improve your marriage?

As my know-it-all-five-year-old Noelle would say, “I already know that.”

So since you know that, what are you putting on your reading list?

I have a great book to recommend by Lorraine Pintus and Linda Dillow called Intimacy Ignited.  James and I are going through it right now.

In the past, I have thought it would be great for James to initiate a devotional for us to do together.  Well, my prayers have been answered! He went out and bought Intimacy Ignited completely on his own.  Figures that it is about one of a man’s favorite subjects.  Physical intimacy.

He brought it to me and said, “I think this study of the Song of Solomon would be perfect for us to go through together.”

And after reading a few chapters and having some discussion together, I am happy to say I couldn’t agree more!

The authors bring the Song of Solomon alive in a true and sensuous way.  How does the main female character treat her beloved?  What does she say?  What are her views on sex and being intimate with Solomon?

What can we wives learn from her passion?  Her pursuit of sexual relations?  (because isn’t it usually the other way around with the man chasing the woman around the bedroom?)

When we as a couple study what the Bible has to say about sex, it brings us together.  Just the fact that he’s willing to talk (as many men aren’t) speaks to me.  Just the fact that I’m willing to talk about sex (as many women aren’t) speaks to him.

I agree with the authors that it’s a great investment in your marriage to read one book about sex together per year.  My book would certainly count towards that and now you can also add the wonderful book Intimacy Ignited to your reading list as well!

Arlene Pellicane

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