When I was in NYC, it was impossible to miss the billboards.  Larger than life, looming over Times Square, plastered along every subway line…photos of actors and models.

Airbrushed and perfect.

Provocative and alluring.

Just another reminder of how men are wired to be visual creatures.  No matter how juvenile it may seem, men are attracted to women’s bodies.

James and I have a running joke.  If we see a magazine cover or advertisement with a beautiful woman on it, we’ll say something like, “Oh, that is so gross.”

It does help to joke about it from time to time.  But if you’ve ever wondered in your relationship, What do looks have to do with it? – let me gently remind you.  They have to do a lot.  Your man may be afraid to tell you, but he really cares about how you look.  Get a group of men together and they’ll tell you how it hurts them when their wives let themselves go.

I know I’m treading on thin ice here.  (Insert hug here).  Ask yourself:

Do I take time to dress in something flattering and put on makeup even if I’m not leaving the house?

Am I close to the weight I was when I got married?  (I said close…)

Do I know what my husband finds attractive (natural look, more makeup, hair back, hair down, etc) and do I incorporate these looks?

I write this in 31 Days to a Happy Husband (page 118):

When you take time and effort to be attractive for your spouse, what do you think that communicates to him?  I want you to approach me.  I care about you.  You’re still the one for me.  If you can find a meaningful reason to be attractive and healthy, you have a recipe for true success.

Do you agree or disagree that being attactive is important to your spouse?  Are you at peace with this or is it a constant struggle?


Arlene Pellicane

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