Have you ever been in a room of people who just get you?

Well, that was the sentiment of the women attending the first ever Defined By God conference designed specifically for pastors wives.  Being a new pastors wife, I was especially blessed to be among seasoned sisters and new friends.  The conference was here in San Diego, but I met women from Oregon, Maryland, and even a dear pastors wife all the way from the Philippines!

The worship was awesome.  I sat in the front row because my wonderful friend Hayley DiMarco was emceeing.  Normally I wouldn’t sit in the front row, but I tell you what…that music just hits you and there’s nothing in the way between you and God.  No distractions.  It was really awesome!

The speakers were insightful, funny, authentic, and challenging.  I was challenged by Lisa Chan’s message this morning to deny yourself.  We don’t hear many messages about denying oneself these days.  That’s not very popular or easy to accomplish is it?  I certainly was challenged to do better in that area of sacrifice and self-control.

Talking about being in a room of people who get you…

Tomorrow I speak for the Southern California Mothers of Multiples.  Now that will be a room full of moms who get each others lives!

It’s wonderful to meet like minded people who live with similar joys and challenges.  How have you found like minded people to be in community with?


Arlene Pellicane

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