James and I were stunned yesterday.  We really thought Romney/Ryan had a very good chance to win.  My former pastor Todd Hudnall who is now pastoring Radiant Church in Colorado wrote some very good things on his blog today:

Throughout the Scripture the Lord gives people what they ask for. Usually He does so in grace (Heb. 4:16) and other times in judgment (Rom 1, Ex 8-14). Americans have voted to continue the policies of the past four years. This means our nation will continue to become a more secular, big-government, entitlement society that will accelerate its antagonism toward Biblical values.

This may actually be what the American church has needed. The true church can anticipate more challenges to our religious liberties and being pushed further toward the fringes of society. Those who make Biblical stands will suffer greater persecution. The reality is that the church has always been at its best when it has been persecuted and marginalized. I’ve been told that many third world Christians have been praying for the American church to experience greater persecution. We may be entering into an answer to their prayers. Persecution has a tendency to purify the church and to remove the nominal.

European nations have clearly demonstrated the impossibility of maintaining an ever-expanding entitlement society. Eventually the money runs out and no more money can be borrowed. This may be an opportunity for the church to step in to care for those the government no longer has the means to help. When it has been at its best, the church has been notorious for its love and care for those in need.

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I think that is very well stated.  Take heart.  Stand strong for Biblical values.  May God continue to guide the church in America and may we be used in our generation for God’s glory.

Arlene Pellicane

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