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Women are famous for talking, but what about men?  Sure men communicate differently than females, but this week’s podcast guest understands the importance of dads talking to one another about manhood, marriage, and parenting (not in any particular order!).

Tshaka Armstrong is the founder of Digital Shepherds, a non profit organization which seeks to equip parents to shepherd their kids through the new world of technology.  Tshaka also is a part of Dads Talking, a group of men who are dedicated to keeping it real and keeping families together.

I interviewed Tshaka for my book 31 Days to a Happy Husband.  His story was especially touching because unlike the other men I interviewed, Tshaka and his wife experienced a long separation.  Yet they defied the odds and now have the marriage they dreamed about in the first place.  Listen to the podcast to hear their inspiring story.

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