There’s one thing you must do before 2013. It’s very easy yet extremely important. You can do it right in the comfort of your own home.  Or even when you’re driving or talking to your children.

It’s to REMEMBER what God has done for you in 2012.

Throughout the Bible, we are encouraged to remember God’s faithfulness.  Psalm 77:11-12 says,

I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.  I will consider all your works and meditate on all your mighty deeds.

Notice, it doesn’t say to dwell on today’s news.  It doesn’t say to dwell on your worries or regrets.  It says to think about God’s mighty deeds.

You can go through photographs from 2012 to jog your memory about all the things that God has done.  What were the scrapes God got you out of?  How did He answer your prayers?  What new books, people, or messages have affected your life in a positive way?

Remembering gives us a sense of perspective and great hope for the future.  Remembering prevents you from forgetting the faithfulness of God. It allows you to savor what God has done.

David wrote in Psalm 90:12,

So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

The calendar years are flying by.  So before you step into 2013, take a few moments to say thank you to God for His work in  your life in 2012.

I’m remembering how my son Ethan was hit by a car while on his bike in the spring.  He was taken by ambulance yet he didn’t even have one broken bone. He came home hours later with a few bruises and a testimony of God’s mighty protection.

I remember how God lavished us with a $400 jacuzzi from Craigslist that actually works.

I remember having healthy, happy kids who love God and who are thriving in school.

I remember answered prayers with beginning a Sonshine Bible Club at our kids school – from 15 to 65 students in just one year.

The list is just beginning in my mind.  What about you?  What are you remembering about 2012?

Arlene Pellicane

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