I must confess.  If something unhealthy and yummy is in my house, I will track it down and eat it.  The war of weight loss is often waged in the supermarket, in the grocery aisles, at the end caps, and finally at the checkout stand!

So…here are three grocery shopping tips you must do right before your next shopping trip:

1.  Do not shop hungry.  If you are even a tiny bit hungry, your resolve will be weakened.  Every bag of cookies on sale will look irresistable.  Instead make sure you are full before you shop.  If you are on the go, grab a handful of nuts or eat an apple in the car ride to the store.

2.  Make a list and stick with it.  Keep a running list during the week of what you need at the store.  Then when you’re actually in the store, stick with the list.  You can even pay with cash only.  This will ensure that you stick with the list (or very close to it) because you won’t have the cash for the extras.

3.  Ask yourself what a personal trainer would say about your shopping cart.  Would you be embarrassed or proud of your cart’s contents?  I just came home from Costco with milk, spinach, string cheese, cheddar cheese, rotisserie chicken, wheat bread, bananas, and salad.  I’ll spare you every detail but I tried to behave myself.

Are the foods that you are choosing at the grocery store going to give you energy or rob you of energy?  Pick foods that will pick you up instead of drag you down.

May God help us all in this endeavor!

Anything else you suggest doing before hitting the grocery store?

Arlene Pellicane

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