No, this is not about the latest popcorn diet!

One of my husband’s favorite treats is the zebra chocolate popcorn.  It’s caramel corn drizzled with dark and white chocolate.  I know.  Dangerous. 

Well, last month he saw the treasured chocolate covered popcorn at Costco and snatched up three bags of it.  However, being the wise man he is, he didn’t open them up.  After all, it was December and with all the Christmas parties, the last thing we needed was another temptation to eat.

So he created a contest around that chocolate covered popcorn.  Every member of our family was given a health goal to hit and when the goal is reached, it will be time to throw a zebra popcorn party!

Here are the goals:

James = goal weight reached (grrrrr!)

Arlene = 3 pounds to lose

Ethan = 60 sit ups in 75 seconds

Noelle = 30 sit ups in 45 seconds

Lucy = 5 sit ups whenever!

The deal is that EVERYONE has to meet their goals in order to partake of the precious popcorn.  I am sorry to say I’m the weak link here.  Both Ethan and Noelle have just a few more sit ups to reach their goals.  Yikes!

I have done biggest loser contests before but this definitely has a different twist.  If I don’t reach my goal, it doesn’t just effect me.  It brings down my whole team.

Noelle will see me with a butter cookie remaining from Christmas and say, “Mom, I don’t think you should be eating that!”

Ethan will say, “Mom, do you think it’s reasonable for you to reach your goal weight by the end of the month?”  This was so touching to me because he has been trying SO HARD with his sit ups.  He wants that zebra popcorn so bad he can taste it!  And I don’t want to stand in the way of him accomplishing his goal and enjoying a reward.

Talk about positive peer pressure!

James and I have an anniversary coming up (yay!) so after that, I am planning to lower my carbs, cut the treats, and munch on seaweed (this is actually a good snack!).

Team Pellicane – I will do my best for you!

Have you ever done a contest to lose weight?  Did it work for you?

Arlene Pellicane

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