The holiday parties are pretty much over now.  You may have a few leftover treats in the house.  Chances are, your pants are feeling a bit snug and you’ve got a little muffin top action going on.

If you’ve got a little muffin top peeking over the waist of your pants, here are five ways to use that muffin top for good:

1.  Pat it and say, “Enjoy hanging around now because in a few weeks, you’ll be history!”  That extra padding over your stomach will soon be gone.  Give your muffin top a month’s notice!

2.  Let dissatisfaction fuel a change in eating habits.  You don’t want that extra squishy middle anymore do you?  When you are dissatified with your current weight, it will motivate you to change your habits.  The extra indulgences during the holidays can easily become daily habits.  But something must change or else the muffin top will not only stay…it will grow!

3.  Try a new exercise workout or dust off an old one.  A few years ago, James and I did the Insanity DVDs.  It is a sweat-machine-heart-beating-super-hard workout!  I dusted it off and did the 25 minute fit test with my kids.  It was a great workout for us AND it was actually fun.

4.  Suck in your gut and improve your posture.  One easy way to reduce that muffin top is by tightening your core muscles and standing up straight.  Why not use that extra roll to remind yourself to stand up straight and pull it all in?

5.  Find a productive way to de-stress.  When we stress, we often turn to sugar for relief.  Then that sugar turns to fat and voila, we have a muffin top to deal with on top of our stress.  Instead of turning to food, what are other ways to relax?  Talking a walk, chewing a piece of gum, getting a massage, listening to a favorite song…think of a solution to deal with stress that doesn’t have anything to do with food.

How are you going to use your muffin top for good this week?  What have you found works to rid yourself of the dastardly muffin top?

Arlene Pellicane

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