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Photo: Coffee Dates: Valentine’s Day & Beyond. Listen Wednesday to our News on K-LOVE Radio –Darren  P.S. What are you planning for your Valentine?

What can you and your sweetheart do to bring a new twist to your daily grind?

I talk with K-LOVE reporter Rafael Sierra today about what you can do on your  next coffee date to mix things up.  And remember – these dates work for after Valentine’s Day too!

What I didn’t say in the report is that my James doesn’t even like coffee.  But he’s still a good sport and enjoys a caramel frappuccino from time to time!

Here’s the report on K-LOVE which you can access here on February 13.  Afterwards, you can search for “Arlene Pellicane” on the K-LOVE site and find it that way.

Arlene Pellicane

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