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How did your Valentine’s Day go last week?

I talk often about dating on a budget because many people ask how to go out without spending too much money.  I’m happy to report James and I went out on a cheap date for less than $25 on Saturday night to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

We opted for Chinese food.  The first place we went to had terrible ambiance so we kept driving.  I know, most Chinese places aren’t exactly known for ambiance.

The next place was too casual (like a fast food place) and the sample of spicy orange chicken didn’t even taste good.

We kept driving and finally settled on restaurant #3.  We sat down in the small restaurant which was very nice compared to restaurant #1.  The hunt to find the right restaurant actually made it more fun.  The shrimp fried rice was delicious.  The mongolian beef…not so much.  Oh well.

Then we went to a coffee place afterwards.  James doesn’t even like coffee but to his credit, he took a few sips of mine and didn’t complain one bit.

It didn’t take much money but it was a great night out to reconnect and enjoy each others company.

Dating shouldn’t stop after Valentine’s Day.  It can be as simple as sharing a scoop of ice cream together.  A place near our home has 99 cent cones on Tuesdays.  Maybe there’s a place near your home with something similar.  Keep having dates to look forward to all year long!

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Arlene Pellicane