It’s the biggest chow fest of the year, Super Bowl Sunday.  With millions of people gathered around their televisions, there’s only one thing to do, snack all day!  Surrounded by chips, dip, pizza, buffalo wings and soda, what’s a person supposed to do who is trying to lose weight?

Have healthy snacks on hand.  Instead of the junk food you usually eat at parties, look for Super Bowl snacks that are nutritious.  Some great ideas include:

-Bean dip with blue corn chips

-Avocado dip with tofu and salsa

-Spinach dip with whole grain bread

-Light popcorn

-Wheat pita bread with hummus

-Trail mix with nuts and dried fruit

Avoid continuous snacking.  Don’t stand near the food.  Talk to people in another room and catch up together without a plate of food in your hand.  Chew gum to keep your mouth moving and stop yourself from overeating.  Drink water instead of soda or beer.  It will make you feel full and you won’t have to worry about one extra calorie.

You can still lose weight while enjoying a Super Bowl Sunday party, as long as you focus on football and friends instead of the food table!

Arlene Pellicane

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