When it comes to Valentine’s Day, the spotlight is often on women.  Just look at the advertisements.  Chocolate truffles, diamond tennis bracelets and floral arrangements abound.  Not exactly what men want on February 14th.  So what does your husband want on Valentine’s Day?

When I asked mine he answered with a smile, “That’s a stupid question.”  In other words, I should already know the answer.  Most men are not hard to figure out like women.  They want to make love on Valentine’s Day in a memorable way.  They don’t ask for anything you have to save money for or go into debt over.

So here are a few ideas to get your special gift ready for Valentine’s Day:

Be creative.  Brainstorm about different locations in your house that would be great places to cuddle, or maybe surprise your husband with one night’s stay at a local hotel.  Think of different ways to create mood using candles, music, massages, lotions, scents or foods.

Be a planner.  Put your love rendezvous on the calendar.  Write your husband a note inviting him to a night of romance.  Write the time and date on the bathroom mirror with lipstick.  Create a sense of anticipation and plan for a special night of intimacy together.  Don’t leave romance up to chance – have a plan!

Be attractive.  If you were going out to dinner with your girlfriends, you would put on makeup and do your best to look attractive.  Give the same care and attention to your appearance before you make love to your husband.  When you look your best, you will feel sexier and your husband will be reminded of the beauty he married.

Put the spotlight on the man you love this Valentine’s Day.  Don’t worry about what you will receive; instead focus on what you can give.  In so doing, you’ll have one of the best Valentine’s Days ever!

Today’s Action Step:  What will you do this Valentine’s Day to make your husband feel special?

Arlene Pellicane

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