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When your husband walks in the door, does he breathe a sigh of relief or does he quickly duck and hide?  In this podcast, you’ll learn the first key of having a DREAM marriage:

D – Domestic Tranquility





Your husband needs a haven to come home to.  Does that mean it has to be perfect and spotless?  Not at all!  But it does mean that you are pivotal in providing an attitude and atmosphere of love at home.  You’ll be encouraged to think of the appearance and attitude inside the four walls of your house.

How would you describe the environment of your home?  Are you happy with the quality of the time together with your spouse?

Get some practical ideas to warm up your home environment and your marriage on this month’s podcast.  Keep learning and keep loving!

Next month, we’ll tackle the R in DREAM which stands for Respect!



Arlene Pellicane

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