This past weekend, I attended one of the most beautiful celebrations of love that I have ever been to.  My friends Sam and Maria Keckler, who are featured in my book 31 Days to a Happy Husband, celebrated 25 years of marriage in a very grand and God glorifying way.

Sam and Maria haven’t had an easy go at it and that’s what makes their milestone such a touching success.  Sam battled an addiction to pornography for 15 years before being set free.  The first years of their marrage, Sam spent plenty of nights on the sofa.  Maria would throw all his clothes on the front lawn (wouldn’t you?).  By the world’s standards, they were doomed to fail as man and wife.  Pornography was destroying their marriage and their lives.  But God had other plans!

You can read more about how Sam found healing in Day 15 of my book.  God has a way of getting a hold of us, and He certainly got Sam’s attention through a series of events.  Sam hasn’t looked at porn since 1995 and now inspires and helps others experience triumph over pornography addiction.

Since Sam and Maria didn’t have a real deal wedding 25 years ago (I think they said eight people attended their wedding), they held a beautiful ceremony at Failla Villa in Ramona.  The vow renewal ceremony was performed by Maria’s brother Emmanuel which made it all the more special.  Mary James led worship – it was beautiful!  You see Sam and Maria pictured above with their daughter and us.

Remembering where we have come from in our marriages and celebrating with friends is something so precious and needed in today’s society.  Especially to give praise to God for what He has done.  He does miracles in lives!  We can forget God’s goodness and get bogged down instead with cares and worries.

Are you in need of a miracle in your marriage?  Maybe you are facing something that seems hopeless.  I’m sure Maria felt hopeless for many years of her marriage.  But God…

Aren’t those great words?

But God…can heal a broken heart.

But God…can break an addiction.

But God…can restore trust and fidelity.

But God…can make beauty from ashes.

That is the kind of God we serve – one who celebrates life – remember His first miracle was at a wedding feast?

Count on God for future miracles in your marriage.  Thank God continually for the great things He has done in your home.  Keep laughter close at hand.  It will make your life a beautiful celebration!

And that celebration will impact generations to come…




Arlene Pellicane

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