Stressed out this week?  Feeling like you need a break, a maid, a chaffeur, or a twin to get all your stuff done?  Dealing with stress is a reality for most of us.

Take a deep breath.  Forget stress for a moment and check out this drawing by my second cousin who is a senior in high school.  When I saw this depiction of a stressed out woman at her senior art show, I could relate and I have a feeling you can too.

The woman is focused on the task at hand.  She doesn’t have all the answers yet and she’s got a ton to do.  Outside the main picture, there are images from her childhood.  More carefree days of dreaming about becoming a grown up someday.  When we were girls, dressing up to go to work seemed fun.  Using the phone and having a job were great play time activities.

Hmm…perhaps if we were more childlike (not childish!), we would enjoy our jobs more and experience less stress.

What do you love about your day job?  It doesn’t matter whether you clock in, work for yourself, or take care of your kids.  What do you love about what you do?

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by deadlines, emails, and calls to return.  But perhaps if you lived moment by moment (day tight compartments, don’t worry about next week today) and cultivated gratitude throughout your day, stress would loosen its grip on your tight shoulders.

Take another deep breath.  Look at your to-do list in a new light.  What might be discovered today if you open your eyes wide enough to notice?


Arlene Pellicane

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