Let me begin by saying that I love author and speaker Kathi Lipp!  Her newest book Praying God’s Word for Your Life will encourage you and provide a prayer guide that’s doable and powerful.  Powerful because the book shows you how to pray God’s Word in many different areas of life such as finances, family, health, or dealing with past mistakes.

There is a section on marriage and parenting, but I don’t think the book is only for wives or moms.  Most of the book is applicable to singles and marrieds alike (i.e.  “Your health,” “Your mission in life,” and “When you feel inadequate”).

Kathi speaks candidly as a friend about the pitfalls you can fall into when it comes to prayer.  You won’t be able to say “I just don’t have enough time!” anymore.  Kathi will show you how to take even just one minute and begin a life of prayer.  Once you try prayer and see how God works through it, you won’t be able to go back to regular life.

Sometimes we know we need to pray and we do, but we need something to refresh that time with the Lord.  Praying God’s Word for Your Life is a wonderful companion, giving you Scriptures to pray through and prayers to prompt you.  You can read the book page by page, or you can turn to sections you need and use it as a reference book.

This is a great book for any Christian who wants to pray but doesn’t know quite how to get started.  Get in God’s Word and pray…and enjoy new boldness, courage, and faith in your life!  Thank you Kathi for sharing your heart and soul with us!



Arlene Pellicane

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