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Help Wanted:  Looking for a good woman who will respect a good man. 

Many marriages are in trouble today because they lack one main ingredient in a healthy relationship:  RESPECT.  Wives can withhold respect when husbands don’t meet their standards.  We tend to think respect is earned yet a man needs constant respect in the same way a woman needs constant love – regardless of mistakes made.

The good news is that we wives can start respecting our men on purpose…

Listening to their needs and taking action

Being unified in decision making

Being supportive and affirming in our words

Showing our children that daddy is the head of the home

In this month’s podcast, we’ll talk more about the second DREAM marriage key.  It’s the letter “R” and it stands for “RESPECT.”  The more you look for things to respect in your husband, the more you will find!





Arlene Pellicane

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