James and I spoke at a marriage retreat this past weekend up in the mountains.  The retreat organizers had the best jigsaw puzzle gift ever.

The theme of the retreat was “The Amazing Race.”  Marriage is a marathon isn’t it?  They had team games and individual couple games.  At the conclusion, every couple found a little box with their names on it.

Inside was the best jigsaw puzzle gift ever!

Each couple received a photograph of themselves as the puzzle.  Talk about feeling special!

Like most people, we began with putting our faces together.  Then the shirts and the corners came into place.  The background colors were the most challenging.

That’s like life.

When you work on your marriage, focus on your faces first.

Look your spouse in the eye. 

Don’t forget to kiss everyday. 

Think about your spouse throughout the day.

If you just focus on the background – the busyness of your schedule, distractions, texts and noise – you’ll find it hard to put the puzzle of your marriage together.

Let those things fall into the background of your marriage to frame it beautifully.  And put your spouse in the spotlight…that’s one way to keep smiling and keep the puzzle pieces from falling apart!

If you want to make a jigsaw puzzle for you and your man, I highly recommend the company that did the puzzles for the retreat – www.Jigsawpuzzle.com

Thank you New Seasons Church for the best jigsaw puzzle gift ever!



Arlene Pellicane

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