With Nova Page and the worship band

This weekend, I had the pleasure of speaking to the Rock Church (San Diego) for their women’s retreat.  The theme was Hope is in the House.

And boy, did we all need hope from our Heavenly Father!

God has this amazing way of speaking to every single woman personally.  Story after story confirmed that God longs to speak to us with a word of hope that’s specific to our situation.

And that’s true for you my friend, even today.  Even right now.

I cannot overemphasize the power of worshipping God to transform your life.  Nova Page and the worship band pictured here did a wonderful job, passionately leading us into the presence of God.  When you wake up with a lyric inside your head (as I did this morning), your whole day goes differently.

“There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain, break every chain, break every chain…”

One “hope invader” I spoke about was worry.  You have a choice:  will you have faith or will you worry?

Faith meditates on God’s Word.  Worry meditates on what could go wrong.

Faith believes for the best.  Worry believes for the worst.

Faith places the focus on Jesus.  Worry places the focus on the troubled world.

Faith acts out of love.  Worry acts out of fear.

Faith moves you forward.  Worry holds you back.

Friend, make a choice to be a woman of faith and not worry.  Allow the hope that is ours in Christ Jesus to fill your heart and thoughts today.

And when you have a chance to attend a women’s retreat, go for it.  They are a precious opportunity to restore your soul in God and refresh yourself with others.

What have been your most meaningful retreat experiences?


Arlene Pellicane

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