IMG_1071 When did you last have a Parents Day Out?

James and I had a day to ourselves yesterday and loved it!

We went to Disneyland…the land of strollers, snacks, and tired children…all. by. ourselves.

It was wonderful!

Our kids who were in school weren’t even mad at us.  Because they got to hang out with grandma and grandpa, and we went on all the scary rides that they are terrified of anyway.

Space Mountain – twice.

The Haunted Mansion.

Captain EO (had to have the throwback to the 80s)

Tower of Terror

What a blast!  The last ride of the day was Midway Mania where you play Toy Story games for points.  We made a bet; whoever won would give the other person a 10 minute massage. I was leading the whole time but at the very end…an upset! Here’s the score – a heartbreaker.








If you have kids, doing an activity only with your spouse is a great change of pace.  Even with the holiday season upon us, schedule one day (or one evening or lunchtime) to do something special with your sweetheart.

After all, regular life will still be there when you return from your Parents Day Out.  (After being at Disneyland yesterday, I was at DMV renewing my license today…from Disneyland to DMV, what a contrast!)

Make memories along the way with your husband – these happy times will give you strength when you’re in the trenches as a parent!


Arlene Pellicane

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