cover high rez jpegYep, I’m a weather checker.

I like to see what the day’s forecast is and dress accordingly.  Yet, sometimes the weather is more about what is brewing in your heart than how hot it is outside.

In her book, Partly Cloudy with Scatter Worries, Kathy Collard Miller helps anyone who is struggling with worry.

Maybe you can relate because you know Worry.  Anxiety.  Struggle.  Leave a comment on today’s post about one worry you want to surrender to God to enter the giveaway for Kathy’s book.  But first, here are some questions and answers to help you know more about Kathy’s new book…

What is your book about?

My book helps women, in particular, to trust God more and thus worry less. It is filled with stories from my own life and the lives of others who learned how to do that very thing, along with Biblical principles and practical instruction. But that’s not all! (Oh sorry, wrong commercial). I’ve also included Discussion Questions that a group or an individual can use. Plus, every chapter highlights a woman from the Bible who either struggled with worry or one who overcame her worry. And as if that’s not enough, (this is sounding like a commercial), I’ve closed every chapter with a “Letter From God” which speaks to the reader about what she learned in the chapter.

Why do you think people worry?

Of course, there are many reasons but here are a few. We may have experienced some hurtful things in childhood and blamed God. So our hearts are fearful of turning control over to Him. We may think that worry gives us power in another person’s life. I remember worrying when my teenaged son had to fly across country by himself to a Christian golf camp. I worried he would miss his connecting flight until God whispered, “You’re worried because you want him to need you. Let him need Me.” Oh, how revealing. I could then release that worry and let God show Himself strong. Additionally, people worry because they really do think worry does some good. One woman told me, “Well, of course, worry works; after all, what I worry about doesn’t happen.” I’m sure she was joking (I think!), but in our hearts, we can think it does some good. Unfortunately, worry only makes us tense and then we react in ways we regret. Plus, God isn’t honored.

Why did you write Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries?

God was working and tranforming me to trust Him more and I wanted to share what I had learned. My desire is to help readers trust God more by being convinced of His greatness, sovereignty, power, love, and involvement. We can say we trust God but then we give in to anxiety, People Pleasing, controlling others, regrets, fear, and trying to provide for ourselves when God says to wait on Him. Our responses actually reveal that we don’t trust God as much as we think we do.kathy_final_promo_photo

Kathy is available for speaking, particularly on this topic of overcoming worry.  You can learn more about her ministry on her website.

To enter the giveaway to win a free copy of Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries, simply leave a comment on today’s post about one worry you want to surrender to God this week.

The winner will be chosen next Monday – but please, don’t worry about if it will be you!  🙂



Arlene Pellicane

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