IMG_8362This dish looks innocent enough, doesn’t it?

But one week ago, it disrupted an otherwise normal evening.  Our family had just gotten home.  Everyone was upstairs and I was starting to put together dinner.  I held this dish on both sides and went towards the refrigerator.  As I placed it on the top rack, the glass top started sliding downward towards me.

In a moment, it had shattered, hitting my foot and then scattering glass all over the kitchen floor.

Reason to be thankful reason #1:  No kids present, no glass boo boos.

I didn’t realize for a moment that my foot was bleeding badly.  James reacted quickly to my scream and applied pressure right away to my foot.

He knew from the way it was bleeding that I would probably need stitches.  I have never had to get stitches and I was kind of hoping to keep it that way.

Reason to be thankful reason #2:  My parents were home and came over so we could to to urgent care (which was reason #3 because urgent care was still open…from our experience its much cheaper than the emergency room).

It was not a coincidence that my devotion that morning had been about finding things to be thankful for whenever you are inconvenienced by life (in my case, pyrex dishes).

The nurse and doctor who worked with me at urgent care were over-the-top great.  We swapped parenting stories and books on our to-read lists.  By the end of the appointment, we said to them, “This was almost fun!”

Yes, it’s been an inconvenience to have stitches in my foot.  I’m slower and can’t exercise – and let me tell you, Christmas is not the time to stop your workouts.  Hello holiday weight gain!

But, I am so thankful for…

– A husband to take me to urgent care (man, what we’ll do for a date night!)

– Perfect timing (I’m in Little Rock for a radio interview with Family Life Today and I could do the trip whereas last week would have been really hard)

– Kids who care (Ethan raced to make me a “get well card” to bring to urgent care with me that night)

-Get well wishes from friends (thank you for the Facebook love!)

There’s no question that you will be inconvenienced this holiday season.  You will be stuck in traffic.  Someone will get a cold.  The store will be out of the one gift you want to buy.

But come what may…you can find a reason to be grateful.  Tis the season for lavish grace, born in a manger.  Focus on that…and let the chips fall as they may.

Arlene Pellicane