cheeringNine years ago, I needed help losing weight.  I was forty pounds up, thanks to a little baby named Ethan!

My ever-helpful husband James told me to try a spin class that a neighbor, who just happened to be a personal trainer and body builder, was having in her 3-car garage.

Reluctantly, I went and so did my mom (how my husband talked her into that is still a wonder).  Although it was tougher than tough, we were both hooked.  We’ve pedaled and pedaled and pedaled through the years.  I’m sure we would have stopped a long time ago if it wasn’t for our instructor Patricia yelling at us,

“You can do it!”

“Dig deep!”

“Give me all you got!”

“One more song and you’re done!”

So here we are, nine years later, and my mom and I are still spinning with Patricia.  Sure, James bought a spin bike on Craiglist so we could spin in the comfort of our own home with the convenience of doing it whenever we want (we don’t use it).

It takes a coach to get the best out of you and to bring you to the next level.

Patricia celebrated a birthday this month and I am sure thankful to have her voice of health (screaming!) in my life.

What’s an area in your life that you could use some coaching?  It could be your health, finances, profession, marriage…whatever the area, make a choice today to look for someone that could help you in that area.

Surrounding yourself with coaches of all types doesn’t denote weakness.  On the contrary, it shows great strength because it proves you are humble enough to keep learning…which ensures you will keep growing.  Keep living.

I’m glad that some have found their need to be coached in their marriage met through my book 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife It’s my pleasure to CHEER. YOU. ON.

So who’s coaching you in various areas of your life?  Who do you need to talk to this week about developing some new positive habits? 


Arlene Pellicane

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