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I’m so happy to have my friend, speaker and author Kathi Lipp on the Happy Home podcast this month.  Kathi is the kind of lady who makes you laugh, laugh, laugh!  She is the author of several books including The Husband Project and kathi lippPraying God’s Word for Your Husband.  She has spoken at MOPS International and connects with wives and moms everywhere she goes.

Here we are pictured at a MOPS group with my own little Moppet Lucy.

I trust you will enjoy these words of wisdom from her about creating more joy in your marriage.  You’ll see how powerful your words can be (in a good way!) and that it doesn’t take a spiritual PhD to pray effectively for your marriage.

Kathi Lipp is featured in my book 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife. 

Check out this episode!

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