photoRemember how you first met your spouse?

James and I met at Regent University in Virginia Beach.  He was studying for a Masters in Divinity and a Masters in Business.  I was studying for a Masters in Journalism.

But of course, I was praying to also get that coveted MRS degree.

The first time I saw James, he was flipping hamburgers at my new student orientation.  I was the newbie and he was the veteran, well-liked and friendly.

My next interactions with James make me laugh now.  Toastmasters and the Nursing Home.

A fitting combination considering our shared love for public speaking and the high possibility that we’ll end up in a nursing home one day.

We became friends through our public speaking club and monthly outreach visiting the senior citizens at the nearby convalescent home.  One day, James was sharing in the rec room with the residents who were all seated in wheelchairs.  Many of them were dozing off during James’ talk, but I was paying very close attention.

I whispered in my heart to the Lord, I want to marry that man.

He jokes now that his preaching is that good.

We were friends for a very. long. time.  When he invited me to usher for a play with him, he actually said the words, “This is totally platonic.”

After a year or so of “totally platonic,” I finally got the picture.  We really were just friends.  I prayed and asked God to take away my feelings of love for this man who always made my heart beat wildly in my chest, or to make James see what could be.

When I let go of my dream of James, he came around.  Funny how that works!

He was going to take me to Dairy Queen to proclaim his love, but thankfully, the dear school librarian counseled him to take me somewhere nicer.

So at an Outback Steakhouse over chocolate cake, he pulled out two roses from his jacket.  One yellow.  One red.

He said, “We’ve been friends and I want to see if there’s something more.”

We’ve been inseparable ever since.

I’m glad it wasn’t Dairy Queen.  And I’m glad it wasn’t platonic.

This Valentine’s week, remember.

Remember how you met.

Remember how grateful you are that he chose you.

Remember to thank God for His faithfulness.

Remember to keep holding on if you’re waiting for Mr. Wonderful.


What do you remember about how you met?

Arlene Pellicane

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