I am happy to share a resource for your family from authors Rob and Joanna Teigen.  As parents of 4, they are  have written a guide for fathers to pray for their daughters titled A Dad’s Prayers for His Daughter. 

You can imagine the difference it makes for a little (or even not-so-little) girl to have a dad praying specifically over several areas of her life.  The book makes it easy to flip to a subject that your daughter needs prayer for.  Here are a few examples:

When She Feels Inferior

When She Covets More

When She’s Afraid

When She Needs Courage to Live for God

When She’s Worried

When She’s Being Bullied

When She’s Dreaming about the Future

Sounds relevant doesn’t it?  Each prayer guide begins with Scripture and then gives you a prayer to pray.  Throughout the book, you’ll find stories from authors like Ted Cunningham and Bill Farrel about what girls go through growing up.  You know, social pressure, modesty challenges, friendship issues, and the list goes on.

A Dad’s Prayers for His Daughter gives a man a roadmap to pray for his daughter and helps to establish that life giving habit of prayer.

And you know what moms?  I peeked in the book myself and found myself praying from my daughter from it – and of course, that’s all right too!

So here’s an excerpt from the book that you can pray right now (taken from page 151):

Help my daughter to conform herself to your ways.  Give her a heart to imitate you – your kindness, justice, strength, and goodness – rather than modeling herself after the patterns of the world.

Transform my daughter by renewing her mind.  Give her eyes to see you working in her life and ears to hear your truth.  Fill her with your love so that loving others will motivate all of her words and behavior.  When girls are rejecting a new student or shutting someone out of the group, let your love make her friendly and accepting.

Keep the prayers going for your little girl…A Dad’s Prayers for His Daughter will certainly help you do just that!


Arlene Pellicane

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