cookiesHere’s a joke I can relate to:

Wife:  I baked two kinds of cookies today.  Would you like to take your pick? 

Husband:  No, thanks.  I’ll use my hammer. 

Yup…James didn’t marry me for my cooking or baking skills (although my grilling skills are getting pretty good).  James is the cookie baker in the family.  One day, I walked in the house to find the kitchen covered in flour, and all the kids baking cookies with James.

My son chanted, “When it’s got to be good, it’s got to be dadda.  And when it’s got to be bad, it’s got to be mama!” 

“What?” I exclaimed.

“It’s true!” Ethan said.

I hope you can take comfort in my less-than-perfect kitchen skills.  I am more of an assembler than a cook.  Can you relate?

Maybe you’re a whiz in the kitchen but there’s another area as a wife where you fall woefully short.  Take heart!  Here’s an excerpt from 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife from Day 10 titled, “No Miss America Here.”

Maybe it’s time for you and your spouse to let go of unrealistic expectations of what the “perfect” wife is like.  Liz Curtis Higgs says it’s about appreciating what you do have and not whining about what you don’t have.

Our husbands are imperfect just as we are.  We have to give them the grace that we extend to ourselves.  Bill and I, our standard line when we make each other a little crazy is “Package Deal.”  If you’ve got all these qualities that you love in your spouse, then you’ve got to deal with the other ones and say it’s part of the package!   

Accept the package you are as a wife.  Rejoice in the way you are designed.  Play to your strengths.  Adapt your expectations to reflect what God is asking you to do and become in your marriage, not what popular culture dictates.  You are one tremendous package deal!

Keep playing on your strengths friends.  Remember that no one is perfect.  And that you can always get a rotisserie chicken and salad for dinner.



Arlene Pellicane

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